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Flooding myths around the world

Introduction Pima Andaman Huarochiri Miao/Yao
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Kabadi (New Guinea) Gunwinggu Wiranggu (Australia) Palau Isles Tahitian
Samoan Quillayute Nizqualli Kammu (Thailand) Shasta
Cheyenne Lakota Tsetsaut Yuma Papago
Toltec Huichol Malorotare Yanomamo Yamana
Sumerian Babylonian Hebrew Australian Chaldean
Zoroastrian Hindu Greco-Roman Jicarilla (Apache) Mayan
Aztec Squamish Skagit Mandingo People of Mount Jefferson
Yakima Caddo Chippewa Navajo Hopi


As people grew in numbers, they became selfish and greedy. As the situation on Earth became worse, the Earth Maker decided to drown all evil ones from the face of the Earth, but not without warning. He asked all to listen to the voice of the north wind as it called to them to be honest and live in peace. Few listened to the north wind. The next night another warning echoed from a distant thunderstorm to the east. When the prophet Suhu spoke, he was called a fool, and the people continued to ignore the warning of the wind. On the third night, the wind came from the west. They were cautioned again to listen to the voice of the prophet Suhu. On the fourth night, the wind came from the south, and only Suhu heard its mournful cry. "Suhu," said Earth Maker, "Take your people who are good to the summit of Kakatak Tamai, for all the land will soon be covered with water, and all the evil will perish." The prophet Suhu gathered the good from all corners of the land and led them to the top of Crooked Top Mountain. Then the roar of thunder and lightning enveloped the land. From the east the rains came, and for two moons it fell. All of the land except Crooked Top Mountain was covered with water. The Earth Maker spoke once again from the thunder clouds atop Kakatak Tamai. "All good people will return to the desert valley to till the fertile soil, and all evil ones will be turned to stone," he said. And so it was. The stone people are clearly visible in the mountains, giant rock structures imploring the Gods for release from their fate. And the white stratum line which appears near the top is the high water mark from the flood.

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