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Flood Myths

Flooding myths around the world.

Introduction Pima Andaman Huarochiri Miao/Yao
Hawaiian Batak Scandinavian Celtic Yoruba
Kabadi (New Guinea) Gunwinggu Wiranggu (Australia) Palau Isles Tahitian
Samoan Quillayute Nizqualli Kammu (Thailand) Shasta
Cheyenne Lakota Tsetsaut Yuma Papago
Toltec Huichol Malorotare Yanomamo Yamana
Sumerian Babylonian Hebrew Australian Chaldean
Zoroastrian Hindu Greco-Roman Jicarilla (Apache) Mayan
Aztec Squamish Skagit Mandingo People of Mount Jefferson
Yakima Caddo Chippewa Navajo Hopi


There are besides Noah many myths and tales about floodings, and inundations, than someone at the site of Mogana's Observatory did collect nearly 49 of them.     Than it seemed that every culture had its own version of a Great Flood; many of these tales contained similarities:

  1. Humans are guilty of transgression.
  2. A God sends a flood as punishment.
  3. Instructions are sent to an individual to build a craft.
  4. The instructions include ensuring the survival of all species.
  5. The flood destroys the old race.
  6. After the flood, a new, less sinful race emerges to repopulate the earth.

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